Gross Consulting licenses its cutting-edge Cognalysis™ analytical tools for use by other organizations and actuaries.

Cognalysis CLCM™

Claim Life Cycle Model

Cognalysis CLCM™ is a revolutionary new approach to analyzing property-casualty insurance. By applying predictive modeling at the claim transaction level throughout the lifetime of each claim, and then simulating future claim development and emergence, tremendous insights are provided for reserving, pricing, reinsurance, underwriting and claim management, and ERM.

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Cognalysis MultiRate™

Predictably Powerful

Cognalysis MultiRate™ is an exciting new predictive modeling tool that easily distills important relationships among variables. It is a valuable tool for actuaries, analysts, and others whose jobs depend on predictive modeling.

Capable of analyzing large datasets, Cognalysis MultiRate™ utilizes sophisticated technologies, such as automated data grouping and smoothing, Variable Gradient Geospatial Smoothing based on ZIP Code, and more. A variety of tables, charts, and maps are produced during the iteration process and at its completion to assist the user with presentation and understanding of results.

Cognalysis Reserving System™

Average Isn’t Good Enough

  • Do you need to make the leap from providing point estimates to providing reserve ranges?
  • Is too much of your time spent on process instead of thoughtful analysis?
  • Would you like to incorporate more statistical rigor into your reserve analysis?

Cognalysis Reserving System™
contains standard actuarial techniques for estimating reserve levels, as well as statistical techniques to provide guidance for various selections.