With the introduction of Cognalysis MultiRate Version 5, users now have the ability to automatically create a DLL to assist in more easily implementing MultiRate models in other applications.

Starting with a fully-optimized model, simply select File…Create API in MultiRate, and the software will create four files for you:

  1. {model name}_COM.dll — the COM DLL file
  2. {model name}_COM.txt — the COM code underlying the compiled COM DLL
  3. {model name}_NET.dll — the DotNET DLL file
  4. {model name}_NET.txt — the DotNET code underlying the compiled .NET DLL


This guide will focus on implementing the COM DLL. You’ll find help implementing the NET DLL here.

To integrate the DLL directly into Excel by COM registration, you’ll use the COM files. Some server applications or other programming languages (Python and R, for example) will achieve integration using the DotNET files.

In the video below, we will demonstrate one method to call the COM DLL directly from Microsoft Excel as a native Excel function.

Implementing MultiRate DLL in Excel