Jeff White Joins Gross Consulting

Gross Consulting is excited to announce the continued expansion of our actuarial consulting staff with the addition of Jeff White.

Jeff brings his over 25 years of P&C insurance experience as an actuarial and data leader to help clients utilize the optimal data and technology to meet their analytical needs.

Prior to joining Gross Consulting, Jeff founded Sync Oasis LLC.  Sync Oasis LLC helps insurance enterprises build analytical data platforms, both on-premises and in the cloud.  An analytical data platform pulls data from various sources into a common data platform, where data is prepared once.  This single source of the truth, which is ready made for insurance data analytics, provides the following benefits:

  • Data is integrated and standardized as if it came from the same source
  • Data Quality is applied to clean the data
  • Data structure is flexible to accommodate easily new data sources or changing data sources
  • Data is merged / matched to provide Customer 360 views (upon request)
  • Data structure is organized around real physical entities, such as homes, cars, people, etc. (upon request)
  • Queries can pull attributes at a particular point in time or as they were when the transaction occurred
  • Query results can be repeated, even many months after the original query was run
  • Business logic is managed by the analytical users through table driven logic

Jeff brings these capabilities with him to Gross Consulting.

To learn more about Jeff’s experience and how he can help your company to succeed click here.