The MuSigma Webinar Series seeks to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of topics relevant to today’s practicing actuaries, and to give actuaries another option when pursuing continuing education in organized activities.
It’s our goal each month to bring to the actuarial community a webinar and a speaker in order to provide topical, timely, and free access to quality continuing education opportunities.
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Upcoming Webinar

October, Date TBD

Actuarial Policy Reserves

Speaker: Chris Gross


In this webinar, Chris will discuss the creation and use of policy-level reserve estimates of the value of unreported claims. This can be thought of as a replacement for (pure) IBNR and Unearned Premium reserves at the policy level, based on available information at the policy level. Such reserves are very useful for actuarial reserving, pricing, and internal management reporting.

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Presented by Gross Consulting, the MuSigma Webinar Series is an excellent opportunity for actuaries and insurance professionals to engage in free, interactive, and relevant content designed to provide quality continuing education.