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The CIR: Comprehensive Insurance Review

It's Time to Embrace the Future of Insurance
A Comprehensive Insurance Review from Gross Consulting is the best way to gain valuable insight into how differences in claim development across different types of policies and claim characteristics affects your company uniquely. The CIR process utilizes our groundbreaking Cognalysis CLCM Software, along with years of subject matter expertise, which allows us to offer insight into your business that would not otherwise be revealed by the data.

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Going beyond standard actuarial rate reviews and large accounts pricing, we also build sophisticated predictive models address complex pricing challenges.
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From capital allocation studies to reinsurance analysis, our staff bring experience and current state of the art to help set competitive strategy.
It’s not just an annual actuarial exercise; Reserving should be at the heart of every carrier’s pricing and strategy.  We dig deeper so pricing and strategy can be optimally executed.

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